These two met in an apoc-era of time, as Zekai was staring off into the sky on a bridge, and with Divinity himself being launched up from ramming a car into a building from fighting bandits. They've had their introductions and whatnot, and set off on their journey. Of course, there were Crystalia. Soon after, the two accidentally gotten lost and attempted finding each other, and soon Divinity met Aetori. Aetori thought of Divinity as a father figure to her as they both got closer to each other. They both soon find Zekai fighting more Crystalia, almost being outnumbered, and Divinity saves her, of course. More fighting later ensues and Zekai gets impaled, quite a lot. During her recovery, Divinity met both Zeki II and Oasis. Zeki and Oasis both attack Divinity, and Zekai, still recovering, joins into the fight. But in the end, Divinity is killed, Oasis is killed, and somehow Zeki is unconscious. As Aetori saw the aftermath, she saw Zekai ran off and that was that.